21st Century Productivity keynote series

Are you organising a conference or team 'offsite' this year? If so, add a highly practical session to the agenda with one of Dermot's 21st Century Productivity keynotes.

Each speech explores best-practice productivity strategies designed for the 21st century workplace, and has been crafted from over 18 years of experience working in the productivity space.

Dermot will customise any speech so that it meets the event brief and makes your conference stand out.

Smart Work (1-3 hours)

Key focus - Personal productivity in the 21st Century workplace.

Based on Dermot's book Smart Work, this highly practical and inspirational keynote will help your team to Centralise their Actions, Organise their Inputs and Realise their Outcomes. Smart Work outlines an integrated solution to productivity in the modern workplace, and links theory with technology to get your team working more effectively using the tools already at their fingertips. Participants will walk away with practical guides and tools that will help them to implement the Smart Work productivity system.

Don't waste my time (1-3 hours)

Key focus - Productive collaboration strategies and protocols.

Help your team to develop a set of protocols that will reduce productivity disruption when they communicate, delegate, congregate or collaborate. Personal productivity systems struggle to cope with the disruption caused by working with others. Whilst we cannot control other peoples behaviors, we can influence the impact that interactions and collaborations have on our productivity, and the impact that we have on others. Participants will walk away with email, meeting, delegation and collaboration protocols that will help them, and their teams to work together effectively.

Leading Productivity (1-3 hours)

Key focus - How to amplify productivity through the organisation.

This is a clarion call to leaders to set up the right environment for productivity, and to lead productivity by example. Any individuals attempt to increase their personal productivity will be shot down if the right culture and environment is not in place to support and encourage productive behaviors. Leading Productivity is about how to create the right environment for productivity, and as a leader, how to behave in a way that amplifies productivity rather than hampers productivity. Participants will walk away with high level strategies that will have a lasting impact on productivity in their team or organisation.

Contact Dermot on 0402 981 015 or email dermot.crowley@adaptproductivity.com.au to discuss how he can make your next conference of team offsite the most productive ever.